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'He's holding this together'
After 10 starts, the Vikings are very confident they've found their franchise quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, said QBs coach Scott Turner: "I think he's proven that he's going to be the quarterback here." [more]
Purple Podcast: What has Zimmer learned?
From clock management to in-game situations, Mike Zimmer has had to learn new things in his first year as head coach of the Vikings. How has he done? Plus, should Everson Griffen and Harrison Smith get Pro Bowl buzz? [more]
How much are prospects worth?
This column presents some updated work on the front of attempting to valuate prospects, and puts some of this work in the context of the Twins. [more]
Brewer getting shopped?
After being pulled off the trade block earlier this season, Brewer apparently is being shopped again. [more]
Sports Over Beers: Wiggins, Kobe, greatness
Kobe Bryant paid Wiggins a pretty remarkable compliment this weekend. What's in store for the Timberwolves' rookie? We discuss with Steve McPherson and Derek James over a few beers on the latest episode of the podcast. [more]